CANDRA METU: A Bali’s Dance Legend in the Eyes of a Photographer


The moon is born on a sweet sky

With a calm sea breeze at the shore

And the crickets play a symphony on the hills

And we shall dance under it

It is wonderful how I celebrate you and myself

Just by gazing up and we saw stars and signs

We predict the unpredictable such as age

We count our steps as if we dance

With dance we travel to the past

With reality, we move forward as if the moon crawls to sunrise

Photographer Yan Palapa will launch “Ni Ketut Arini: Candra Metu”, his photobook of a Bali’s living dance legend, Ni Ketut Arini.

Yan Palapa’s photographs in the book capture Ni Ketut Arini in the act of performing Candra Metu (Moonrise) dance, a now rarely performed Balinese classic dance.

The photobook launch is part of a special appreciation event for Ni Ketut Arini. The event, “Candra Metu: When the Moon Rises”, will be held at the Maya Sanur Resort & Spa, Bali, on Saturday, 25 January.

In addition to the book launch, the event consists of photography exhibition by Yan Palapa, seated dinner in the ballroom of Maya Sanur, poetry reading, fashion show, Balinese dance performance, and special performance by Ni Ketut Arini.

Priced at IDR 500.000 per person, tickets to the event are available online or at Maya Sanur Resort & Spa, Bali. For details and online tickets: NAWABALI


Photos by Yan Palapa

Poem by Ayu Winastri


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